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The fastest-growing sectors in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Cote dívore, the United Republic of Congo,
the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia among others are trade and retail, financial services, and
Agriculture has also expanded rapidly, it presents opportunities for emerging IT markets.
Here are some opportunities for service providers to enter new markets.
Trade and retail
● Supply chain solutions
● Sales and after-sales support
● Help desks and customer care
● Inventory management, order fulfillment, and logistics management
Banking, financial, and insurance services
● Banking contact center services
● Finance and accounting services
● General accounting
● Accounts receivable/accounts payable o invoice processing and help desk
● Software development and maintenance services:
● Customer relationship management and enterprise resource
● Planning systems for bank branches o IT security
● Back-office operations
● Health and hospital information management services • Telemedicine
● Insurance registration and claims systems
● Mobile health solutions
Real estate
● Real estate accounting
● Real estate analytics
● Supply chain management applications support
● Market information system development and maintenance
● Contact center and helpline offerings for government agriculture departments
● Omnichannel contact centre services
● Traditional customer interaction services across relationship
● management, customer acquisition and retention • Telesales

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