Use these points to divert Twitter clients to Instagram

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Use these points to divert Twitter clients to Instagram

It takes work to keep in touch with clients over the years that go by in between transactions. Here are a
few tips to keep your clients coming back.

  1. Start early.
    What not to do: close a transaction successfully with happy clients, wish them well, and then ping them a
    year or two later because you realized you should probably keep in touch. Instead, plant the seed early.
    While you’re working with them, be sure to mention all the ways you’ll be able to support them
    throughout the transactions and after. Then, immediately following the transaction, start those activities so
    that they’re well received rather than coming out of the blue.
  2. Be their go-to expert.
    The second someone considers moving, they won’t even consider who they’re going to work with
    because you’re already they’re go-to expert –– you have been for years. How do you make this happen?
    Be consultative in your sales process, and in your touchpoints after the sale. Programs like automated
    market snapshots are a great way to stay relevant and be seen as an expert so that when someone hears
    your name, you’re the one who pops into their head.
  3. Automate, automate, automate.
    For those regular, repetitive tasks, automate as much as you can. Those automated market snapshots that
    we just mentioned are a great example. It’s a simple way to keep your clients in touch with their market,
    with a subtle reminder that you’re there if they have any questions. In addition, set up email drip
    campaigns to keep your clients engaged by delivering tailored content at the right time with
    set-it-and-forget-it systems.
  4. But, don’t be robotic.
    People want to work with people. So, while automation should be a key strategy, make sure you don’t rely
    solely on automated programs. Sprinkle in personalized touchpoints every once in a while, such as a
    handwritten card for their brand- versary, a congratulatory note on a life achievement.
  5. Take advantage of special dates.
    Speaking of handwritten notes, special dates are a great excuse to reach out to your clients to stay in touch
    and keep them coming back. It’s a relevant, thoughtful reason to let them know you care, even long after
    the transaction is complete. During the sales process, take note of any special dates your clients mention
    such as birthdays or anniversaries. Log special dates in a system that reminds you of these dates and
    records your touchpoints (your CRM should do this).
  6. Use a proven sales methodology.
    Following a sales methodology is a simple, effective way to run your real estate business. Good sales
    methodologies guide you to generate repeat business through effective management of long-term sales
    cycles. Plus, when you follow a proven method, you have access to training and resources to support your
    business and improve over time, rather than creating a process from scratch.
  7. The best CRM is one that you use.
    Leverage a CRM to help manage your sphere of influence effectively. Again, keeping track of the
    hundreds of people in your contact database takes time and effort. Relieve that burden a bit by using a
    system that helps you manage that work, reminding you who to reach out to and tracking your
    relationship and activity with each contact. No, it’s not enough just to have a CRM. You actually have to
    use it. And when you do, we think you’ll be excited about the results you see.
  8. Ask them to refer their friends.
    When you not only work with them, but you also work with their friends, colleagues, neighbors, and
    in-laws, it solidifies you even further as their go-to person when anyone mentions real estate. Plus, those
    referrals will refer their friends, who will hopefully refer their friends, and the trend continues. Now that’s
    how you grow a killer sphere of influence.
  9. Stay relevant.
    Stay relevant in the lives of your past clients by publishing content that is useful and engaging to them. A
    blog on website is a great way to do this. Not sure where to start?
  10. Share helpful content on social media.
    Publish those great blogs as well as other content relevant to homeowners in your local market on social
    media. It’s a great way to stay in front of that audience with engaging, sharable content. Grow your
    presence in your clients’ newsfeeds to remind them you’re there to help.

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